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Noveske Love Handle-Black


Premium Materials: Precision-machined from high-quality 7075-T6 aluminum, this charging handle offers superior strength, durability, and lightweight performance. It’s designed to withstand the harshest conditions while maintaining flawless functionality.

Type III Hard Coat Finish: The Love Handle features a Type III hard coat anodized finish, providing exceptional corrosion resistance and enhancing its longevity. This finish ensures your charging handle remains resilient even in harsh environments.

Smooth Operation: The Love Handle  is engineered for smooth and reliable operation, minimizing friction and resistance during cycling. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable and effortless handling, even in high-stress situations.  The low profile and forward swept handles are designed to have a minimal snag hazards at 2.310″ overall width.

Ambidextrous Compatibility: With ambidextrous compatibility, this charging handle accommodates both right-handed and left-handed shooters, providing versatility and convenience for all users.

Gas Fence for Reduced Gas Blowback: Designed with a gas fence, this charging handle effectively mitigates gas blowback, enhancing your shooting experience by redirecting excess gas away from your face. This feature ensures a cleaner, more comfortable shooting experience.

Noveske Quality: Noveske Rifleworks, known for its commitment to excellence, proudly manufactures the Love Handle in the USA. With Noveske, you’re getting a product backed by a legacy of quality and innovation.

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