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Noveske 6mm ARC/ 6.5 Grendel DLC Bolt


  • Constructed from high-quality SAE 9310 steel sourced domestically, including complete traceability through Mill MTR’s and heat treat certification.   Materials and heat treat are meticulously controlled and verified.  9310 is a superior material to carpenter 158 for this use.
  • DLC coated for exceptional surface hardness and lubrication, all while preserving a flexible core
  • Compatible with a full range of Mil-spec sub-components for seamless integration
  • Incorporates an enlarged cam pin hole web to address and eliminate the most prevalent causes of bolt breakages
  • Features improved lug geometry, resulting in diminished wear and a smoother locking/unlocking mechanism
  • Tightly controlled ejector hole and ejector dimensions to minimize case head extrusions and brass smear
  • This bolt will also work with the 22 ARC cartridge

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