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Forward Controls Design PF-040 Takedown/Pivot Pins


Forward Controls Design Extended Takedown Pins approach the idea of extended pins from a different direction than most of the competition. Instead of expanding the head of the pins to give users more traction to pull them from their detents, the PF-040 set have been extended on the left side of the receiver. The extra length provides more leverage to start the pins, which translates to extra grasping area on the right side of the receiver.


  • .250″ diameter to work with MIL-SPEC receivers
  • 17-4 PH Stainless steel bar stock construction
  • Slick salt bath nitride finish
  • 0.04″ longer than MIL-SPEC
  • Simple, clean design

The Pins, Forward Controls, 0.040 (PF-040) start as 17-4 PH stainless steel bar stock before being precision machined and finished with a smooth salt bath nitride finish. The ‘reverse extended’ design makes pressing the pins through easy thanks to the additional leverage they provide, without being extended to the point of accidental activation or inference with ambidextrous safety selectors. The heads of both pins have been left clean and simple in keeping with FCD’s philosophy of function over aesthetics, with the tail of each pin featuring a small dimple, allowing bullet tips or other tools to be used to push the pins through on tight fitting receivers. For a highly functional upgrade that won’t interfere with your rifle’s aesthetics, look no further.

Note: May not be compatible with PDW-style stocks with bars that overlap the takedown pin.

Forward Controls Design firmly believes in the elegance of simplicity. Not content to produce purely aesthetic components, they put function before form to create parts and accessories that actually improve the handling and function of your firearms. When you need parts that just work without complication, you need Forward Controls Design.

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